The Green Trail Project

Working together with our CJCS ArtsHouse, the Town of Bassendean invited artists to apply to be involved in creating artworks for a Green Trail project, to deliver an engaging experience along the pathway in Bassendean.

This trail has been created, with funding from the Department of Transport.  It is a series of plantings along the shared cycling and walking pathway between Ashfield train station to Bassendean train station to Success Hill train station to Kelly Park.

The project is led by local artist and creative coder Steve Berrick, together with Cyril Jackson Senior Campus Visual Arts teacher and ArtsHouse Coordinator Marie Molloy. We are delighted that the CJSC Arts and Design students have been successful in their application to participate.

Local history and archival images and stories will be the starting point for the project, utilising stories in the local studies collection and rail history museum.  The artist will create moments of engagement for the trail, as well as work with the Cyril Jackson Arts and Design students to provide professional support as they create works in response to the themes identified.

Congratulations to CJ Art students, Jessica, Jessica, Kim, PJ, Ros and Skylar, we can’t wait to see your creations.

Working together for the community.

On Wednesday the 17th March, our Hospitality and the Community Services students worked together to cater the International Women’s Day Morning Tea for the community members of the Town of Bassendean.
“Our Community Services students had the wonderful opportunity to network with the local community though volunteering and to work alongside Chef Neal Jackson to plate up and serve the delicious morning tea treats prepared by Cath’s students, they did a fantastic job.” Catherine Moore CJSC Teacher.
“Our hospitality students worked with 5000Meals Chef Tanya to prepare the arrangement of food, providing the industry expertise and working to industry standards, I am very proud of their efforts.” Cath MacDougall CJSC Teacher.