Future Health Professionals

During the January holidays, Leila Withrow and Behdokht Eshraghi were among thirty select students who attended Scitech’s Future Health Professionals program.

The Program provides students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field an opportunity to gain industry insight, hands-on experience and explore a variety of medical career options and pathways.

For each of the five days, an intensive 10-hour day program was jam-packed with industry talks and workshops. From practical workshops including suturing, infant emergency care and surgical scrubs, to conversations with health professionals like Prof. Fiona Wood, the students gained invaluable hands-on experience in medical health.

Application for the program was open to all WA students entering Year 11 or Year 12 in 2021, and after hearing about the program through the Campus, Leila and Behdokht submitted successful applications.

Leila says, “I found the program amazing! It was awesome to be able to explore the different roles that are available in the allied health field. It was an eye-opening experience that helped contribute to my decisions when considering future roles that are right for me.”

And Behdokht says, “Attending FHP program was such an interesting and inspiring experience. It provided us with variety of hands-on experiences and useful lectures. I highly recommend this informative program to anyone who is interested in a health career or is keen to learn more about various health professions.”

Congratulations Behdokht and Leila!