Congratulations to Champion of CJ, Professor Kingsley Dixon, AO

The King’s Birthday Honours List 2023

Congratulations are extended to former CJ student, Distinguished Professor Kingsley Dixon, AO of the Class of 72, on his award of the Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) announced in the King’s Birthday Honours List of 2023.  The short citation of the award is:

“For distinguished service to conservation biology, particularly ecological research and restoration, and to tertiary education.”

Following the gaining of his Doctorate, Kingsley commenced at the Kings Park Botanical Garden as the foundation Director of Science.  He has led for many years a world renowned plant and conservation research centre.  In the early 1990s Kingsley led a team that discovered the role of smoke from bushfires in the germination of plants, providing the capacity to renew the landscape following the destruction caused by fire.  The work in isolating the chemicals involved and the role of a molecule, karrikikinolide, that was you identified in the research can only be described as pioneering.

The orchid species, Caleana dixonii, was named after Kingsley and for his work, he was the second Australian botanist to be awarded the international Linnean Medal.  In 2015, Kingsley was appointed as a Distinguished Professor by Curtin University and in 2016, he was celebrated as the WA Scientist of the Year.  

The award of the AO is a prestigious honour and acknowledges Kingsley’s many years of work in the science field.  In 2022 Kingsley was acknowledged as a Champion of CJ and it is with great delight that the CJ school community rejoice in the success of Kingsley Dixon, AO as a botanist, conservationist and university educator.  Congratulations.

Act Belong Commit Drama Hub

Act Belong Commit Drama Hub kicks off at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus tomorrow, 4:15-5:15pm

The very talented Nadia Collins is due to deliver a FREE 7-week program.

Nadia Collins is an actor, writer, comedian and former lawyer. She has been performing improv, sketch and stand-up comedy since 2008. Training at École Philippe Gauiler in 2016, she was nominated Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018. Her film work includes lead roles in Partners and An Ideal Host, for which she won Best Actress at Nevermore Film Festival 2020. She has created a number of critically acclaimed solo shows, including The Bride (Winner, Best WA Comedy, Fringeworld 2020), Chrysalis, The Big Thingy, Virgin Bloody Mary (nominated Best Comedy, Perth Fringe 2017) and Bad Egg Boys (co-creator).

It’s not too late, if you are aged 13 to 26 and live in Bassendean or surrounds, sign up!


2022 CISWA Award Winner

CJ is proud to be announced as the joint winner of the

2022 CISWA International Education Initiative of the Year in Schools Award

At CJ we have always felt that it is the staff that sets us apart from other campuses. Their drive, passion and knowledge of our students and their needs is always of the highest level. Mishayla Webber, International and IEC Student Coordinator at CJ embodies all of these qualities, her support of our students and depth of her understanding is life changing for so many of them.

Congratulation Mishayla, we couldn’t be prouder.

From Milton Butcher, Principal Cyril Jackson SC:

Ms Webber has performed to the highest level of expectation in terms of supporting, nurturing and managing international students.  A number entered the IEC initially and then moved into the mainstream program to study a range of traditional school subjects.  She maintained deep interest in their academic progress as well as their individual wellbeing.  Her attention to them as individuals was pronounced.  She recognised that most were adults or near adults and did not necessarily have familial structures to rely on.  In particular she was acute in her support of the mental health condition of students, especially those experiencing isolation.  Her work was instructive in assisting their transition to an Australian school culture and program.  She was always attentive to liaison with families and TIWA.

Her approach was always student-centred and focused on them as individuals.  Her interest in them as individuals assisted in the transition from IEC to mainstream subjects.

Her easy going, yet sharp attention to the needs of schooling are recognised by the international cohort.  She is approachable, reasonable and professional.  They know that she reliable in carrying out functions and in completing tasks relevant to their needs.  She is trusted.

Ms Webber is commended for her work.

From the CISWA Announcement:

Dedicated International Student Coordinator Cyril Jackson Senior Campus

The work done was born of the realisation by Mishayla Webber, International and IEC Student Coordinator at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, that the social and emotional wellbeing needs of our international students were not always being met, especially during the transition from Intensive English Centre into mainstream Year 11/12. Compounding factors were that many of CJSC’s students are over 18 years of age by Year 11, independent and with fewer external supports, and a lack of understanding by course counsellors and students themselves regarding appropriate post-secondary pathways.   To address these challenges Mishayla has undertaken a range of measures. These include:
–         Becoming a qualified facilitator trainer of the BRiTA program Building Resilience in Transcultural Australian
–         Establishing a more active relationship with TIWA
–         Developing clearer lines of communication, greater shared knowledge and deeper understanding of student issues and needs.  

International students at CJSC have access to all the benefits of being a student here, including Ethnic Education Assistants who speak their languages and our many well-being initiatives. Yoga classes allow a space for students to practice mind/body connection with a teacher who is also a trauma-informed yoga and meditation instructor. Benefits to students include improved mental health, understanding of their body and dealing with exam/study stress.   The award was accepted by Mishayla Webber, International and IEC Student Coordinator.
This award was sponsored by the Department of Education WA and presented by Joe Bontempo, Manager, International Education.
This award was sponsored by the Department of Education WA and presented by Joe Bontempo, Manager, International Education.

Mofflin House Scholarships

The Wesley College boys fundraise throughout the year via their “Jobs for Jackson” initiative. The boys take an active role in the scholarships process: they sort through the applications and take part in interviewing the candidates. They are genuinely delighted to hand over their earnings to the worthy winners.

The Cyril Jackson scholarship recipients were humble and gracious and talked about their schooling experiences before coming to Australia. Hares spoke on behalf of the others and the depth of gratitude that he expressed was truly moving.

Congratulations to this years winners:

Hares Vahdi

Adel Al-Ahmad

Matty Phungsa

Baiden Guaknam

Eric Ndambira Francais

CJ student Rosie Crammond wins double

CJ student Rosie Crammond was nominated by her teacher for the SCSA Exhibitions and Awards for Retails and Personal service, and won!!!

Rosie was awarded:

VET Exhibition – Retail and Personal Service

VET Certificate of Excellence – Retail and Personal Service

An Exhibition is a supreme award for a diligent student and Rosie certainly earnt the Award through her hard work and dedication as well as the interviews and presentations that VET student go through to determine the top student in each industry stream.

Congratulations Rosie, for your excellent work that has led to this acknowledged for your outstanding achievement.

Everyone at CJ is very proud of you, and your achievements are inspiring.

$10,000 granted to CJSC for the renovations of the Student Room

The Hon Dave Kelly committed $10,000 to Cyril Jackson Senior Campus’ Student Room project. The Student Room is a much needed space for the cohort at CJSC and it only seemed fitting that if the space is for the students, it is designed by them. Lead by student Rosie Crammond the Student Advisory Group project managed the extensive renovations.

Midlas also generously donated an amazing print by indigenous artist Wilo, which is hung for all to enjoy in the Student Room.

The Hon Dave Kelly, Member for Bassendean officially opened the room and spoke enthusiastically with all students and congratulated them on the impressive work they put into the renovations.

Well done team, what an amazing effort by all!

This project was supported by the State Government